Who we are

Chris Bryant, PhD.

Chris is an expert in alternative proteins, and has has published dozens of papers on the social dimensions of the protein transition. He has his PhD in Psychology from the University of Bath.

Charlotte Flores, BA
Research Associate

Charlotte is a political researcher with a focus on the social and political processes of change. She has her BA in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Sheffield.

Euan Ross, MSc.
Research Associate

Euan is a policy specialist who has worked for the Labour Party, the UN, and Healthwatch England. He has his MSc in Environmental Technology, Economics & Policy from Imperial College London.

What we do

We offer a range of research-related services in the field of meat reduction and alternative proteins.

  • Research design and project management. We work with you to understand what you want to achieve, design an appropriate approach, and manage the project in communication with you from start to finish.

  • Ethics review board processing and approval. We have access to a university Ethics Review Board, meaning that our research is approved by a panel of experts, and is able to be published in leading journals.

  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis. We have experience conducting online surveys, experimental studies, field studies, interviews, and focus groups, and we offer both academic and industry-relevant analysis.

  • Private or public research reports. We offer private internal reports for your organisation's strategic planning needs, and also published reports to share our findings with the world.

  • Publishing in peer-reviewed journals. We write academic papers, submit them to journals, and handle the review process to get findings published in top academic journals.

  • Professional academic presentations. We offer evidence-based presentations to conferences or investor groups on meat reduction and markets for alternative proteins.

  • Policy analysis & recommendations. We research, analyse, and provide recommendations on policy relating to animal welfare, dietary behaviour, and alterntive proteins.

Our clients

Many of the leading alternative protein companies and animal protection nonprofits trust Bryant Research.

Media coverage

Our research has been covered in many mainstream media outlets, generating positive attention for the field of alternative proteins and meat reduction.

Find out if we can help you

Whether you want to evaluate your outreach program or analyse the market for your product, find out if Bryant Research can help you.